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Oceanhood Taiwan Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd

Oceanhood Taiwan opto-electronics company offers Raman systems, fiber optic spectrometers, lasers, Raman probes, optical fibers and other related components for analytical and total solutions. Our products can be widely used over many applications, such as bio-agriculture & food safety, physical & chemical properties testing, water & solid quality analysis…etc. Not only will we do our best in providing efficient advice and professional service to our clients, but we will also support customers to choose the most appropriate product to meet their needs.


The research results get three patents and four publications of international journals papers. Being honored with certification of A.A. TASTE AWARDS.

Orient EuroPharma Co.,Ltd.

In response to the challenges posed by an aging society, the Nutrifuel team at Orient EuroPharma is proactively investing in the development and manufacturing of nutrition and functional healthcare products specifically tailored for the elderly. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life by promoting health maintenance and facilitating a healthy new chapter in life.

Orient EuroPharma Co.,Ltd.

Nutrifuel\\\'s functional foods series, such as Sarcojoint and Carginine, are products jointly developed by a professional medical team and subjected to clinical trials. Sarcojoint is a combination of dual amino acids and vitamin D3 designed to support normal muscle physiological functions. Carginine is a health food with the efficacy of regulating blood lipids, effectively enhancing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.


Light-weighted and compact-sized Heart Rate Monitor with BTLE 4.0 wireless transmission capacity that works with both iOS and Android system App. It gives you instant and accurate readings of Oxygen Saturation (SpO2%) and Pulse Rate (PR). When upgraded to the full-functioned version of App, it allows you to access the AI early warning heart disease technology on Ostar iCloud, the 2020 R&D100 award winning AI technology. With clinical test proven 100% sensibility and 96.88% specificity on Atrial Fibrillization detection, this device will be the perfect solution to provide portable protection against cardiovascular diseases. Ostar cares for your heart.