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PADS Co., Ltd.

PADS stands for \\\"Professional Assistive Device Solution\\\", supplying medical assistive devices. We support customers in clarifying their needs and provide the most suitable combination of assistive device solution. The population we served including not only early intervention of preschools but also long-term care of elders.
Based on our operation principle- \\\"Professional Assistive Device Solution\\\", we insist to empathize and find the customer\\\'s most emergent needs through consulting. In order to provide the most proper assistive device solution, we consider the activity level of users, purpose of usage and environment factors at once.
PADS would like to show our professionalism, passion and the effort we put into the professional field of medical assistive devices. We are also willing to share our concept with you and to create a new vision of service. Looking for assistive devices? Just contact PADS!


A.I. core for full automation
PhenoMATRIX® OFFERS WASPLAB® USERS an exclusive selection of highly sophisticated algorithms completely unparalleled in the industry. The innovative software automatically recognizes organisms through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing microbiology labs to read, interpret, and segregate bacterial cultures with the click of a button.

Panion & BF Biotech Inc.

New Drug, Cosmetheutical, IVD, Disinfection, Precision Medicine


The copper distiller still has several distinctive features and advantages.
Here are the main characteristics of copper distiller:
1.Excellent heat conductivity: Red copper is a great heat conductor, allowing the pot still to quickly and evenly transfer heat, facilitating highly efficient distillation processes.
2.Corrosion resistance: Red copper exhibits outstanding resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for distilling various liquids, especially alcoholic beverages and flavored extracts.
3.Antibacterial properties: Red copper possesses natural antibacterial properties, ensuring a higher level of hygiene during the distillation process, preventing the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, and ensuring product purity and quality.
4.Aesthetics and traditional style: The texture and warm color tones of red copper add an elegant touch, making the red copper pot still a decorative piece in the kitchen. It also complements traditional aesthetics, exuding a rustic and artistic atmosphere.
5.Durability: Red copper is a sturdy and durable material that is resistant to deformation or damage over prolonged use. With proper care and maintenance, the red copper pot still can serve you for a long time.
6.Efficient heat dissipation: The red copper pot still excels in heat dissipation, aiding in the rapid cooling of distilled liquids and their conversion into liquid form, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the distillation process.
7.The red copper pot also has another feature. It can remove the sulfide in the water.. It makes the distilled water more flavorful.

Phalanx Biotech Group

Phalanx Biotech Group is one of the global four microarray developers providing genomics services in clinical applications especially in prenatal & postnatal diagnosis, and has been engaged in ODM services for scientific research. Particularly, in cancer early detection, Phalanx has a strong expertise in ctDNA Methylation Test for endometrial cancer.

In reproductive medicine, Phalanx Biotech’s strength is in expression profiling and genetic analysis, which stems from its excellence as an original developer of gene expression microarray. The targeted chromosomal microarray, CytoOneArray®, is designed for CNV (copy number variation) tests for prenatal & postnatal diagnosis, with a capability of detecting more than 500 types of hereditary and congenital disorders.

For the early detection of endometrial cancer, the MPap® DNA Methylation Detection Kit - MPap® BHLHE22/CDO1, certified with IVD Class III, has been served in the clinic market, provided by Guzip Biomarkers Corporation, the subsidiary company of Phalanx. The MPap® Assay, utilizing the least invasive cervical scraping, has been accredited with the Laboratory Developed Test Service (LDTs) and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) medical device for detecting the risk of Endometrial Cancer (EC). The DNA methylation detection for the genes of BHLHE22 and CDO1, integrated with the secondary risk factors of age and body mass index (BMI), has been served as a companion EC diagnosis for physicians.

Pharmaessentia Corp.

Ropeginterferon alpha-2b
Ropeginterferon alpha-2b + anti PD-1
PEG-cytokine X, Y
Novel checkpoint Abs

PharmiGENE, Inc.

PharmiGene Inc. focuses on pharmacogenetics, providing genetic test of personalized medicine to help people finding their optimal medecines and avoiding side effects.

《Patented PGx detection reagent (IVD)》
We holds patents of carbamazepine, allopurinol and Warfarin gene testing. We developed these tests to IVD and having multinational license, selling to China, US, Europe, South Korea, SEA.

《IVD CDMO service》
Our manufacturing plant is ISO 13485 and GMP certified. In addition, we also use relevant professional experience to provide IVD CDMO services. We comply with globally consistent standards and flexible production volume without long waiting. We can be your production partner in Asia.

《LDTs Service-pharmacogenetics test》
PharmiGene provides common medications gene testing, cardiovascular disease drug gene testing, clopidogrel drug gene testing and Baktar gene testing.

PharmiGENE is the distributor of various world-known biotech equipment and reagents. These products spread across the whole spectrum of NGS experiment workflow, with application in cancer research, neuroscience, immunology, etc.
We provide professional consultations, expertise experiences, and versatile solutions. Our role is to boost the research capability in every research institute, medical center, and university. Contact us to unveil more research potential.
Distributing brands include 10x genomics, Bionano Genomics, Immudex, S2 Genomics, and Varsome.

Pingtung Christian Hospital

From the view of digital public welfare, we improve and enhance life quality and the digital health gap through technology, especially for rural, disadvantaged groups and developing countries. We provide the healthcare IT Infrastructure to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle for our partners through programs.

Plastics Industry Development Center

One-Step Shop of Medical Devices Plastics Industry Development Center Show the development of polymeric medical devices in Taiwan In order to assist plastics industry and accelerate the advancement of the plastics technology, Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) was established in 1993 and funded by the government and plastics industry. Since 2000, PIDC has been working in the field of medical devices for many years, playing an important role in the development of polymeric medical devices in Taiwan. To accelerate medical devices innovation, we deliver below services: ◆ Medical device design and development ◆ Patent and industry analysis ◆ Process technology and supply chain integration ◆ Test verification service ◆ Quality system counseling ◆ License application counseling

Point Robotics MedTech Inc

AI Raman Microorganism Identification System
The system combines Raman scattering spectroscopy technology with deep learning identification models for the application of pathogen identification. It has achieved an accuracy rate of over 95% for 34 commonly occurring bacterial species, accounting for 90% of clinical cases. It is anticipated that this domestically developed AI Raman system will bring convenience, speed, and effectiveness to clinical laboratory operations, and be widely adopted in medical institutions, thereby enhancing overall testing capacity.