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QT Medical, Inc., Taiwan Branch

The world’s most user-friendly 12-lead ECG system !

The PCA 500 is an entire ECG solution that simplifies and streamlines the 12-lead ECG testing. It is hospital grade, yet easy to use.
With seamless integration of state-of-the-art technologies: a super-compact recorder weights only 67g, patented prepositioned electrode strips, user-friendly apps for mobile devices, and HIPAA-compliant cloud, a hospital-quality 12-lead ECG can be completed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. PCA500 provides efficiency, accuracy, consistency, sanitation and better workflow, and makes 12-lead resting ECG testing accessible. It is cleared by the FDA, TFDA, and CE mark , perfect for telemedicine, ER, EMS , CRO, nursing home and remote patient monitoring.

Quan Xin International Co.,Ltd.

“AMBERSAN External counter-pulsation device” A/ECP_A1 abbreviation EECP,A whole new version that developed and manufactured in Taiwan. Where ECG R-wave as the trigger signal synchronously controls the cuffs at early diastolic period. The cuff pressurizes orderly from the peripheral vessels to the more central vessels, enabling the blood flow of the lower limb to return. Before the systolic stage, the cuff (include the bladder) deflates rapidly to open up the pressured vessels of the limbs, thus decreasing the peripheral circulation resistance and the load to the heart. thereby reduce heart load and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption.
EECP has been proven effective in curing cardiovascular diseases in clinical trials.

Quanta Cloud Technology

QCT will be showcasing its end-to-end healthcare solutions under the theme of “AI Empowerment: Opening a New Era of Smart Healthcare.” QCT delivers optimized infrastructures for different scenarios, including enterprise-grade AI hybrid cloud architectures that accelerate hospitals’ data analysis, next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions that fulfill precision medicine, smart healthcare AI platforms and digital pathology that support ultra-high quality medical imaging analysis, also the solution for telemedicine and smart healthcare. With these advanced solutions, QCT helps healthcare and life sciences industries to speed innovation and realize digital transformation.

Quanta Computer Inc.

AI Platform for Smart Medicine(QOCA aim) AI Platform for Telemedicine(QOCA atm) AI Platform for Patient Care(QOCA apc) AI IoT for Body Care(QOCA abc)


Precision medicine and genetic testing