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R&R Medical established in 1979 as a manufacturer focused on the production of medical related products in Taiwan. We manufacture for global medical brands under OEM and also promote and market our own brands worldwide. Taiwan GMP, US FDA and CE compliant facility assures that the production process is safe and compliant to global standards. Our international OEM and brand sales have been highly recognized by customers for their high quality.

Raken International CO., LTD.

Raken was born in the spring of 2008. The management team has many years of experience in household fine products and department store retail channels, and is committed to combining high-quality life with commodity services.
Looking back on the past, walking into the kitchen is no longer the patent of traditional housewives. Breaking away from traditional concepts, modern new men, fashionable brides, and hot single nobles have also begun to explore healthy food and choose the best role in the kitchen. It seems that there is no distinction between gender and age, and the selection of products also highlights Ruikangwu\\\'s belief in the brand - \\\"high quality\\\", checks for a healthy life, saves energy and contributes to the earth, a healthy life that is ready to come out, With the mission of bringing happiness back to the pot.

RBC Bioscience Corp.

Nucleic acid purification system for precision medicine and cancer screening platform

Real Masters Co.,Ltd.

BodyGo technology fitness testing equipment 1. Use machine vision to capture the key points of the body skeleton and compare the movements, Apply to various physical fitness assessments. 2. Measure through precise standardized actions. 3. The big data norm is established in the system, and various results are converted through the norm. 4. The test completion data enters the cloud system to generate an electronic report, which is easy to manage. 5. Contains multiple detection modules to meet the needs of different ethnic groups. 6. Complete various assessments in one stop, without using a lot of manpower, saving time and effort.


Food allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs soon after eating a certain food. Symptoms of food allergy in mild cases include lip or face swelling, hives, swelling of the throat, vomiting, or diarrhea, but it can also be life-threatening like difficulty breathing and loss of consciousness. There is still a lack of effective drug treatment for food allergy, and to prevent food allergy mainly relies on daily avoidance of intaking certain allergens.



Reibi Bio-technology combines health technology and life aesthetics to display the latest Schumann series of smart furniture, products include single-person family leisure sofas and meditation cushions, etc., using the patented brain wave pulling device developed by ITRI to generate "the heartbeat of the earth"- Schumann resonance can quickly induce a state of deep relaxation, start a process similar to the rhythm of the biological clock of the human body, and promote physical and mental health. It is an emerging health technology product for home self-care.

Using safe, convenient, and effective photon energy technology, Dr. Tai's light energy cap is designed in Taiwan, recognized by international awards, and manufactured by a GMP medical equipment manufacturer in Hsinchu Science Park.

Developed and designed by Dr. Dai Chengjie, who majored in both Chinese and Western medicine, it irradiates the head with low-energy red light (LLLT) in the shape of eight claws to achieve sleep aid, health preservation, and scalp maintenance. It is comfortable and safe to wear. This is a major innovation in personal care safety and comfort.

Reiliving Biotech Corporation Limited

Reiliving Biotech Corporation Limited


Rigiforce Co., Ltd. was found by Mr. John Lee in 1997. Mr. Lee has 31 years working experience on Escomatic maintenance/application/sales. Mr. Lee was authorized to be Esco sales manager of The Greater China maket in 2011. Rigiforce built up his tooling room to make all Esco tooling in Taiwan in 2008, all tooling manufacturing technology offered and authorized by Esco SA. Rigiforce is now Esco’s service center for Asian clients in Taiwan. We can offer all Escomatic users total solution from traditional cam calculation, tooling, spare parts, maintenance consultant, CNC programing and machine sales.


MedLing, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic analysis engine as the core technology. The aim is to define important terms in the text content that appears in medical systems, including medical notes, pathology reports, laboratory reports, and other massive data based on SNOMED CT. This will provide medical professionals with precise and consistent rapid judgment criteria.
Our solution includes the translation of medical notes and parsing of massive data into knowledge graphs. Through machine learning, we offer medical professionals or related personnel a painless environment to use. Without the need for computer programming background or time-consuming communication with engineers, users can set simple conditions and generate Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for more efficient medical diagnostic procedures.
The application range of MedLing\\\'s services is diverse, including physician diagnosis and disease classification for quick checking of NHI items. Its commercial value lies in its diverse applications and cross-disciplinary integration, such as health assessments in the insurance industry, care platforms for sub-healthy policyholders, and the construction of health care platforms with partners. We can integrate the results of SNOMED CT and medical decision-making systems to apply them to the broader field of health care and related services in insurance and education, which is critical and extensive in its application. Users can also obtain relevant medical information through natural interaction.

Roche Diagnostics Ltd., Taiwan

Roche diagnostics offers an automated testing workflow, encompassing areas such as hepatitis, AIDS, microbiology, and molecular testing. Moreover, we are committed to continuously advancing sequencing and digital solution.