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Sandalphon International Inc.

SleepBank is an exclusive sleeping chip designed for in-depth sleep, SFT(Sleep Frequency Technology) assisting the prolongation of natural in-depth sleep and allowing the body to initiate the self-curing and repairing mechanisms.

The current sleep products are mostly measuring sleep environment, turn over, breathing, etc., cannot solve the sleep problem. SleepBank is an innovation solution, after product launched in Taiwan, many media attention and reports.

The SleepBank does not use chemical adjustment of immediate effect. Through SFT, the body and environment are slightly adjusted with harmonic physical resonance. This will increase the in-depth sleeping time, and enhance the sleep quality, allowing you to re-experience the original environment of the Earth. Your body will lie in such cozy environment, achieving natural repair, a self-curing bridge that re-connects the land and the body.

Sanguo Co., Ltd.

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Satellight Biomedical Corporation

A platform for intelligent agricultural production and precise functional compound analysis of medicinal and edible root crops-Houttuynia cordata is built. Through an AI prediction system, the mechanisms of plant functional compounds will be analyzed to allow screening of existing drugs or products for new uses. Moreover, plants harboring functional compounds that can be integrated into health care products will be mass-cultivated under the guidance of an automated precision agriculture IoT system designed to apply metabolically engineered microbial fertilizers for optimal synthesis of functional compounds. The platform solves the key problems of speed and consistency in development of health care products. Instead of the traditional method of experimentally exploring the mechanism and function of compounds, which is time-consuming and limits progress, the platform implements an AI prediction system to significantly reduce time needed to select potentially useful compounds. In addition, the precision agriculture IoT system enables reliable and optimal synthesis of functional compounds in accordance with GACP safety cultivation standards, thus maintaining quality and traceability of ingredients used to manufacture health care products between batches. Overall, the platform greatly streamlines the development of plant-based health care products by standardizing identification, verification, and mass-production of functional compounds.

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center

The Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) plays a crucial role as a national-level think tank for science and technology policy research and technology program management. In alignment with the government's strategies for smart healthcare, precision medicine, and health for all ages. STPI has been nurturing interdisciplinary talent for the development of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Taiwan for many years. This effort includes the promotion of the "Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program" (STB) and the "SPARK Taiwan Program" in collaboration with Stanford University. Through overseas training and the establishment of localized training mechanisms, STPI aims to cultivate talent capable of commercializing biomedical innovations in Taiwan, thereby driving innovation in the domestic biotechnology industry, promoting precision health, embracing the new era of biomedicine, and laying a solid foundation for enhancing Taiwan's biotechnology industry innovation and the well-being of all humanity.


1. WhizPad Care Relieve System
2. “SEDA”Anti-Decubitus Mattresses (Non-Sterile)
3. WhizToys Sports Game Platform

Sen-bo co

Product Item: Chiropractic Cushion Product features: For wrong sitting posture, sedentary, spinal disease conditioning, spinal disease prevention and correction


The soybean fermentation technology of the Agricultural Research Institute for the production of plant chicken essence is to obtain plant chicken essence rich in branched-chain amino acids through processes such as fermentation, post-cooking and extraction; this technology uses commercial strains for fer- mentation, and soybeans release part of free amines after fermentation Base acid, and then through post-ripening technology to promote more protein hydrolysis, obtain more free branched-chain amino acids, and greatly enhance the umami substances. According to the Agricultural Research Institute, the content of branched-chain amino acids in traditional chicken essence products is different, but com- pared with the samples obtained by the Agricultural Research Institute, the branched-chain amino acid content of soybean plant chicken essence can even reach more than 10 times that of traditional chicken essence.


We are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for sustainability, quality and integrity. Our 98,000 employees operate a network of 2,650 offices and laboratories, working together to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.

SGS provides professional services to customers throughout the supply chain in the complex medical equipment market to help customers successfully put their products on the market and deliver them to users quickly and accurately. We provide training, testing and verification solutions for manufacturers and their suppliers.

Therefore, SGS has established a related medical equipment laboratory in Taiwan, including electrical equipment safety tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, mechanical function tests, biocompatibility evaluation, etc., to provide more convenient ONE STOP SHOPPING tests services.

In addition, SGS Taiwan has an excellent verification and audit team, which can provide customers with one-time integrated audit and evaluation services to meet the requirements of multiple standards, such as: ISO 13485, CE, CMDCAS certification at the same time, and We provide you with complete, professional and rapid tests services for medical equipment products and components in accordance with ISO, EN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards.

Shen Yuann Industry Co., Ltd.

Using Europe-made precise dosing systems and injection molding machines, along with LSR (liquid silicone rubber) cold runner systems, we can efficiently save material from loss, and the reduction is especially significant in pricey medical materials.
Manufacturing in class 100,000 (ISO-8) clean rooms, our injection molding technique is suitable for plastic and LSR (liquid silicone rubber) parts for medical purposes.
We've been investing in various testing equipment to assist our customers in gathering data more easily; and assembly lines to conduct mechanical assembling.
Certificated in the medical device quality management system (ISO 13485) and food safety management system (ISO 22000).
With over 30 years of experience in injection mold development, we are here to provide you with our professionalism and services locally in Taiwan.