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UltraE Co., Ltd.

Instant Helicobacter pylori Urea Breath Test Kit UBT-iw .Non-invasive testing method .Obtain results within 30 minutes .Assess treatment effect before and after .Automatic judgment on the result .Two Versions: Professional and Self-Home testing

Uni-Shinmed Company LTD.

developing international business channel, looking for good products and talents.

Uni-TongXin Biotech Co.Ltd.

Uni-TongXin Biotech Co.Ltd.

Unice E-O Services Inc.


UnicoCell Biomed Co., Ltd.

For a decade, UnicoCell pioneered stem cell therapy R&D. UnicoCell's Gold Award-winning new stem cell product, ELIXCYTE®, has advanced to the case enrollment phase of Phase III clinical trials for knee osteoarthritis and has reached the unblinding process of Phase II clinical trials for chronic kidney disease, promising innovative treatments for aging-related diseases. The company follows ICH guidelines, holds a 2022 US FDA Master File (MF) for an adipose-derived stem cell bank, a vital raw material for stem cell drug development. UnicoCell has innovated two patented products: 1. Stem Cell Secretome, which is FDA MF-recognized, and is applied for degenerative eye diseases, regenerative medicine, and exosome research. 2. UnicoVial® ultra-low temperature storage, obtained TFDA Class II medical device approval and FDA MF-recognized, applied for cell therapy and biological product storage. UnicoCell aspires to globalize stem cell technology, promote regenerative medicine for aging-related conditions, and ultimately enhance the quality of human life.


NIR Near Infrared LED Care Light/Hospital Rehabilitation/Home Care


Precision Medical Detecting Instrument: Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Universal Vision Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

With the increasing usage of electronic devices and hence the early development of vision disorders, such as myopia and cataract, health awareness has been raised and the general public has been paying more attention to their eye and vision health. Other than all vision correction treatments, nutritional supplements also play an important role for eye protection.
Universal Vision Biotechnology thus collaborated with teams from biotechnology and food science and developed a collection of Universal lutein supplements specific for different ages in the family, hoping to take care of your vision in every way throughout a lifetime.

UPro Medical Inc.

UPro Medical specialize in manufacturing fine medical instruments for surgery, such as endoscopes and light sources. Our own excellent R&D team is constantly forward to the latest technology. In the spirit of research and development, innovation, and breakthrough, to create accurate and humanized stable surgical instruments. Also, provide customized needs for customers and healthcare team members, and timely technical support. To create precision instruments that can improve surgical accuracy and reduce risk and time costs.

Upwards Biosystems, Ltd.

InBody Body Composition Analyzer, InBody Stadiometer, InBody Blood Pressure Monitor