2023Exhibitor List
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Varian Medical Systems Taiwan Co., Ltd.

At Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, we envision a world without fear of cancer. For more than 70 years, we have developed, built and delivered innovative cancer care technologies and solutions for our clinical partners around the globe to help them treat millions of patients each year. With an Intelligent Cancer Care approach, we are harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to enhance cancer treatment and expand access to care. Our 11,000 employees across 70 locations keep the patient and our clinical partners at the center of our thinking as we power new victories in cancer care. Because, for cancer patients everywhere, their fight is our fight. For more information, visit http://www.varian.com and follow @VarianMedSys on Twitter.

Vedan Biotechnology Corporation

Exhibition items:
1. Medical grade sodium γ-polyglutamate (γ-PGA)
2. γ-polyglutamate-based eye care product

1. Medical grade sodium γ-polyglutamate (γ-PGA) is a highly biocompatible biomaterial that has successfully passed various biocompatibility tests for medical devices. In October 2022, Vedan Biotech became the world's first company to obtain the US FDA Master File for Device (MAF) number for γ-PGA, allowing safe and reliable use of γ-PGA for the development of medical devices and related products. γ-PGA is a fully biodegradable natural biopolymer with exceptional hydrophilic water retention properties and high affinity for cations, making it highly suitable for developing medical devices such as wound dressings, dermal fillers, bone and joint lubricants, bone medical materials, and ophthalmic devices.

2. Vedan Biotech has conducted various experimental tests to demonstrate the alternative application of γ-PGA-based eye care product. Through these tests, it has been confirmed that γ-PGA-based eye drops can enhance tear secretion, alleviate dry eye symptoms, and reduce corneal damage. This product's uniqueness lies in its long-lasting protective effect without requiring frequent application.

Vertex System Corporation

Through the deployment of 5G private networks, Vertex can establish various applications, such as object tracking, video surveillance and analysis, production line inspection, AMR, positon, robots, to promote the digital transformation of factories. Assist factories or enterprises to conduct demand assessment, responsible for planning and deploying the required 5G private network, and utilize 5G terminals to integrate vertical applications in factories, such as AGV cars, imaging equipment, etc.

Vitae Biomedical Co. Ltd.

Late lung cancer detection leads to higher treatment costs and lower chances of a cure. Lung cancer often starts with mild symptoms, and around half of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages. To combat this issue, implementing large-scale and safe regular screenings is imperative. Interestingly, while lung cancer awareness is often linked to smokers, in Taiwan, more women seek medical care than men. The impact of both air pollution and genetic associations should not be underestimated. Globally, lung cancer ranks as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths and new cases, with an estimated three million annual fatalities projected by 2040. In response to this pressing global public health crisis, Vitae Biomedical has developed a urine-based biomarker test for lung cancer. Visit our booth at Southern Taiwan Science Park to learn about our solutions.