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Domestic Three-column electric roll-over medical bed
1. Three-column motor design: control the bed body up and down, left and right / front and rear tilt
2. Manual sitting position function: through electric adjustment, it can be changed from lying position to seat position
3. Central control foot brake system: one person can control the movement, steering and stop of the bed body
4. Pedal controller: one-button control bed lifting and tilting
5. Nurse panel: Integrate the whole bed control function and have individual function lock and angle display
6. CPR button: one-button bed function return

Yang Ming Biomedical Co.,Ltd

Mackay Hospital\\\'s own-brand health care products will have new releases in the year 2023.

YES Health Co., Ltd.

1. Digital health measurement device
2. Pharmacy franchise services
3. Application and introduction of smart technology in pharmacies
4. Cross-industry alliances in the field of smart devices
5. Pharmaceutical logistics services

YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology Co.,LTD

YesHealth Group is a builder and operator of indoor vertical farms. Our mission is to produce healthy food through sustainable agriculture. More than just a vertical farming technology provider, we pass on know-how to our partners, helping them to achieve commercial success. Health and sustainability is the essence of everything we do. We research and develop all of our technologies in-house to ensure that each part improves health, sustainability, and efficiency across the whole vertical farm. Our team has proven its capability in designing, building, and operating some of the world\\\'s largest and most efficient vertical farms. Our R&D center was established in 2010, and our commercial operations began in 2013. In Taiwan, our vertical farm has grown into a profitable business, supplying supermarkets and restaurants, while also selling direct to consumers via our own ecommerce and logistics channel. More than just a farm, we welcome thousands of guests every month, including school groups and tourists, diners at our restaurant, and shoppers at our store.



Yokogawa Taiwan Corporation

CV8000 High-Throughput System (High Content Analysis); CellVoyager CQ1 Benchtop High-Content Analysis System; Single Cellome™ Unit SU10; Subcellular Sampling System SS2000; Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS); Electronic Laboratory Notebook(ELN)

Yomura Technologies Inc.

1. IME : The ability to embed electronic components in injection molded devices gave birth to in-mold electronics (IME) technology and new ways to implement advanced circuit design and architecture.
2. Micro molding is a very specialized art form, which is a kind of tooling design , manufactures small and precision plastic components with polymer-based functional devices, by increasingly demanded in the fields of life science, electronics, medical, photonics, automotive, and aerospace. The tiny-scale molding form of injection molding that entails building a cavity to match the shape of the part you want to make, sort of like the plastic molding that makes Lego bricks.

Yourgene Health (Taiwan) in partnership with INEX Innovate (Singapore)

With more than 13 years of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experiences, Yourgene Health (Taiwan) Co., Ltd offers reliable services including NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing), tumor profiling, clinical research services and bioinformatic solutions to customers in APAC region. Yourgene Taipei service laboratory has acquired ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation and Taiwan LDTS listing for NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) services.

Yourgene Health (Taiwan) Co., Ltd works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology on:
• Leading NIPT solutions for labs and clinicians: Sage™ prenatal screen and the IONA® Nx test
• NGS research services: Spatial transcriptomics, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing and metagenomic sequencing
• Clinical oncology research
• Oncology tertiary analysis: Molecular Health
• Reproductive health

INEX Innovate is a women and fetal health molecular diagnostics company based in Singapore, specializing in reproductive health and gynaecological cancer. Founded since 2006, it’s mission is to provide innovative solutions and services to address unmet clinical needs.

INEX Innovate Products:

• OvaCis® Rapid Test Kit- Intraoperative ovarian cancer detection test that differentiates benign from malignant ovarian cyst by utilizing lateral flow device.
• epiHERA® Early Endometrial Cancer Detection Test- Early endometrial cancer detection test which detects hypermethylated biomarkers from samples collected from ThinPrep swab.

YU-FLOWERS Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Selenium was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1972 as an essential trace element for the human body.In 2003, the US FDA stipulated that foods containing selenium can be labeled as anti-cancer functions. At present, more than 44,000 papers on selenium have been included in the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). Selenium has been shown to be manifestation in antioxidant, major diseases such as cancer, neovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Lupus erythematousa,etc. Selenium has also gained the reputation of longevity element, king of anti-cancer, cardiovascular protector, natural insulin, spark of life and natural detoxifier.
Most of the selenium on the market is yeast selenium converted by yeast or microorganisms with chemical selenium, the conversion rate is not high, and its toxicity is still high and the human absorption utilization rate is low, so the medical advice not exceed 400 micrograms per day. Our Lucky Flower 777 Plant Selenium complex capsule is a high-unit plant selenium, from natural soid selenium (non-chemical selenium) converted by plants and chelate sulforaphane, natural vitamin C and vitamin E. It has obtained certification of organic selenium content of 98.7%. It can be said that Lucky Flower 777 Plant Selenium is the most powerful pure natural organic selenium at present.