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Combining AI image recognition and PPS (privacy protection system) technology, Ezcaring P1 provides the elderly with a high-quality life. It offers the safest, and effective care plan for sensitive areas such as home care, long-term care institutions, and medical institutions.
It has 5 main functions: Behavior analysis/ Sleep analysis/ Fall prevention/ Residence monitoring/ Emergency notification.
Caring for the Elderly with Dignity and Privacy.
PPS technology only detects changes in light and shadow generated by the movement of objects. It can be installed in the bedroom or bathroom without concern for invasion of privacy.

Hakuto Taiwan Ltd.

Product: Ex-cimer lamp, wavelength:172nm, Application: Bio-Chip Compare Plasma of advantage: 1. On/Off immediately 2. No need vacuum 3. No any gas 4. Non-contacting, so direct damage will be slight

Han Biomedical Inc.

HAN Biomedical is a company devoted in R&D of Healthcare products of Advanced biomaterials to meet patients’ Needs in tissue repair and regeneration.
We develop novel, structured biomaterials for tissue regeneration to fulfill the unmet needs of patients in various tissue repair. Our team is including experienced professionals in research & design, commercialization, regulation and marketing of biomaterials.

Harmony in Medical Technology

“HIMEDt” with four innovative services include new Model, new Ecosystem, new Data, and new Territory, which integrate Taiwan’s two major advantages—Technology and Medical Care.
This ultimately brings together various strategic partners across all communities, which creates a new open digital health ecosystem, in order to promote cross-domain cooperation and co-creation among different industries.

Digital Health Ecosystem Product Demonstration:
- CoDoctor Pro Multifunctional Parameter Detector
- CoDoctor Home Multifunctional Parameter Detector
- CoDoctor Lite Multifunctional Parameter Detector
- CoDoctor Eye
- Alpha Digi-Optical 3D Printer

Health GeneTech Corp.

*tNGS clinical pathogenic microorganism detection (thousands of pathogens and AMR )
*Digital PCR Chromosomal Abnormality Detection
*Droplet digital PCR machine
*Highly customized services and efficient unlimited expansion plans

Health Leader Biomedical Co.,Ltd

Health Leader Biomedical Co.,Ltd

Health Service Training Center of National Defense Medical Center

1.To diversify the training of battlefield casualty evacuation, the Health Service Training Center of the National Defense Medical Center commissioned the NCSIST to develop a battlefield visual simulation training system from the year 2018 to 2023. This system utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology to generate simulated enemy attack effects, creating training scenarios for trainees to simulate engagements with enemies in battlefield settings such as urban areas, beaches, and confined spaces. The training approach primarily involves the incorporation of highly realistic synthetic human models with varying injuries and vital sign feedback, simulating battlefield casualty situations. Subsequently, an AI-based evaluation system is integrated into the framework, utilizing machine learning to provide personnel analysis and improvement suggestions, effectively reducing human training errors, and enhancing the effectiveness of medical simulation training.

2.Regarding the intelligent rescue simulation system, intelligent eyewear is employed to implement remote medical instructions, enhancing the accuracy of medical care and emergency rescue capabilities. This approach shortens the time of casualty care before arrival at a medical facility, allowing for efficient allocation of medical resources and significantly improving the treatment rate of injured personnel.


Health.udn.com is the website of the United Daily News, also the health website with the most content in Taiwan.

We committed to becoming a transmitter of health knowledge. We believe that health care should not be blunt and boring, but should use a language that everyone can understand, so that more people can receive correct health knowledge. Therefore, we have constructed four oriented health knowledge systems:

The latest health trends: we have the most abundant medical and health news.

Professional medical information: we have drug encyclopedia, medical material encyclopedia, and expert column, so that readers can search for professional information.

Practical health information: Disease Encyclopedia provides the most practical disease information.

Friendly health services: online courses make health become implemented in practice.

We believe that health requires practice, and practice requires partners. We hope we came be a good partner in your healthy life, making your life healthier.

HealthBanks Biomedical Co., Ltd

Healthbanks Biomedical is the pioneer for Umbilical Cord Tissue Cryopreservation ( patented UCT Technology) which was introduced via AABB journal in 2016. We have successfully developed UCT III Plus Technology which preserved therapeutic properties of MSCs for regenerative medicine. Also, the vascular cells from UCT III Plus cryopreserved umbilical cord (UC) may retain the normal cellular viability and activities, suggesting that UCT III Plus Technology may be beneficial for UC cryopreservation and further MSC and vascular cell therapy applications.


Helios bioelectronics is committed to combining the semiconductor industry and the biotech medical industry, using semiconductor chips to replace traditional detection methods. Traditional biomolecule detection methods mostly use fluorescence calibration methods, or use molecular bonding color rendering methods, which is more complicated. Helios bioelectronics utilizes Taiwan\\\'s excellent semiconductor technology to produce array-type field-effect transistor sensing chips that focus on electrical measurement, and develops an analysis platform that is simple to operate and label-free, provide effective and powerful testing tools for the precision medicine industry. It can help doctors make more accurate interpretations in the early stages of the disease, thereby reducing the misdiagnosis rate.