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Kaiwood Technology Co., Ltd

Kaiwood Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the design, development, and sales of colloidal gold rapid screening test equipment. Its product, the color analyzer, can be applied in various testing areas within the biotechnology and medical industry, including human diseases, food safety, pesticide residues, drug abuse, POCT key care, and customized solutions.


(1)Smart Endoscopy Display (2)Prediction of the location of small intestinal bleeding using smart hyperspectral imaging technology (3)nFOPT Smart Polysomnography

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital Gangshan Branch

Aircrew members are required to attend hypoxia awareness training regularly to strengthen their memory of their personal hypoxia symptoms by undergoing training inside a hypobaric chamber. But there is a risk of decompression sickness in trainees during hypobaric hypoxia training. The flight missions are forbidden in 24 hours after the training. National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) and our hospital jointly developed a new hypoxia training module. It combines the flight simulator, the cognitive functions test, and can be used for hypoxia training under normal pressure. The new hypoxia training module can enhance the training safety by strengthening pilots\\\' risk awareness of hypoxia and reducing the risk of personnel exposure to the high-altitude, low-pressure environments.

Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

With the theme of building the KMU is the Healthcare Ecosystem in Southern Taiwan , this year\\\'s KMU Healthcare Ecosystem features AI+IoT, Acute Care, Ageless Care, and New Southward Health Care Cooperation and Industry Development zones, and the entire exhibition area is bilingual in order to share the KMU Healthcare Ecosystem with all exhibitors.

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital

smart medication

KeMyth Biotech Co.,Ltd

Exquisite Ginger Tea:A natural product with a perfect match after patented concentrated extraction of local ginger from Taiwan, black soybean seed coat and green tea extract. Dietary therapy is popular. Ginger contains shogaol and gingerol, which can promote metabolism and is rich in dietary fiber. The special concentration of green tea catechins reduces greasy, and the black bean hull anthocyanins of black gold beans help to keep clear. The key to start is in place at one time, and a single pack is brewed with 150-200mL of warm water, not spicy but natural light pleasant taste from plant. The regular drink of exquisite ginger tea could maintain your body equilibrium and refresh your mind from heavy daily workload. Suitable for vegetarian.


KimForest Enterprise Co., Ltd. started the Precision Medicine Laboratory in 2017. In 2020, we have certified as a Laboratory Developed Test (LDTS) provider by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA).
KimForest Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive genetic testing services, including 523 gene panels. Our latest service is the hematologic malignancy genetic testing, targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay designed to detect somatic variants in myeloid cancer using blood or bone marrow samples. This enables us to provide physicians and patients with the best possible treatment recommendations.
We offer highly accurate genetic testing services for myeloid cancer, analyzing gene hotspot mutations, short fragment insertions or deletions (Indels), and fusion variations. By leveraging the drug-gene analysis system, we can provide the best suggestion reference report for each case.


Sales of public and home AEDs, among which CellAED is the lightest, weighing only 300 grams; public models include our domestic AED, American-made Physio-Control, British-made HeartSine and Korean-made Nanoomtech, which can meet various needs.
The full range of InBody is on sale, including tunnel blood pressure monitors, automatic height and weight machines, etc. Welcome to inquire!


KOLLOS develops the world-leading breakthrough technology in futuristic pivotal nano-refinement that exceeds the industry and national standards, as well as six international standards in high efficacy and long-lasting effects. With over 90% emittance rate of far-infrared light at room temperature, it signficantly improves blood flow, speeds up metabolism, raises blood oxygen saturation and boosts immunity. KOLLOS is dedicated to circular health.

KT Medical Inc.

KT Medical Inc. is a newly invested company by Kuang Tai Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., a notable manufacturer of welding and industrial wires for 40 years. KT Medical developed its sophisticated knowledge of welding, wire drawing, and forming from its mother company, Kuang-Tai Metal, and improved it further. With our technological progress, KT Medical integrated the two core technologies from Kuang Tai Group, wire drawing, and wire processing to develop medical devices and parts. We will demonstrate our medical grade wire material, processed semi-product, and OEM guidewire which can be used in peripheral vascular, urology, and endoscope-related surgery in guts occlusion.