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Thomson Bio-energy Tech Co., Ltd.

BioPower light wave far infrared wood flooring 1. Far infrared energy is continuously released for 20 years 2. National testing unit certification 3. Product safety and no radiation 4. Green and environmentally friendly patented processing technology Patent Certificate of the Republic of China: New Model No. M571702 Energy Floor Mat Device for Flooring ITRI ​​far-infrared detection-bio-light wave far-infrared wooden board, the average far-infrared emissivity is 0.846 National Ocean University Laboratory Far Infrared Detection-Biological Light Wave Far Infrared Wooden Board The average far infrared emissivity is 0.91 【Product specifications】 Product name: Light wave far infrared floor Size: calculated based on square footage Shipping fee: Shipping fee is extra Material: Bio-light far infrared ray, wooden floor (super wear-resistant floor, island floor, solid wood floor) Patented font size: Taiwan New Patent No. M571702 Energy Floor Mat Structure for Flooring Taiwan Model Patent No. M512413 Mainland China New Patent No. ZL 201520479083.7 Far infrared 3~15um spectrum average emissivity: 84.6% (tested by the Institute of Energy and Resources, Industrial Technology Research Institute) Performance: Oscillation frequency 3~30 MHz (THZ) per second Energy radiation distance: within about 20cm Radioactive Radiation Testing: Safe to Pass Inspection


Acer Medical In.

Founded in 2018, Acer Medical is the first subsidiary under the Acer Group to focus on preventive medicine.
Leveraging our expertise in ICT, we specialize in AI and big data analytics with a focus on Preventive Medicine. Our journey began with diagnostic medical imaging and subsequently expanded to medical device software, hardware integration solutions, and healthcare management innovations.
Through interdisciplinary collaborations across medical and healthcare sectors, we seamlessly embed AI in the medical landscape, empowering healthcare providers to enhance and realize the goals of “Health Promotion," “Disease Prevention," and “Medical Care."
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All the way through international co.ltd

Meridian massage sofa Roller machine with hot compress

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

1.Innovative intelligent medical care products: Innovative smart care products that combine temperature control and electrotherapy functions, intelligent heat control with temperature control, positioning and fall detection function; innovative products such as temperature-controlled intelligent eye mask and smart mask
2. Medical textiles: surgical gowns and hand-washing cloths, cloths, cave towels and various medical consumables in accordance with EN 13795.
3. Dust-free textiles: Provides all grades of clean textiles in the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry. The product range includes dust-free coat shoes, dust-free accessories and various clean room cleaning products.

ASUS Cloud Corporation


ASUSTek Computer Inc.

1. ASUS VivoWatch 2. Portable Ultrasound 3. EndoAim 4. xHIS 5. HealthHub Telehealth Solution 6. MH3281A Clinical Monitor 7. Medical Voice Recognition System




AI Pneumatic Massager

B. Green Technology Co..Ltd

TURTLE GYM was founded to be like a turtle with Slow Living, Slow Exercise, Slow LOHAS and. Step by step through exercise to promote health to achieve vitality and longevity. TURTLE GYM provides a variety of services for exercise, comprehensively track, and manage your exercise status. Formulate precise exercise prescriptions, evaluate, and adjust appropriate exercise methods by tracking health & exercise records for a long time, so that you can achieve your ideal exercise goals.