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Taigama Biotech Inc.,Ltd

The CAREANYMEN series of products are used to accelerate wound healing and repair. Using nano-materials and microcapsule technology It satisfies the pain points of modern civilization diseases-diabetic wounds that are difficult to heal, and the rapid healing of chronic wounds. In 1 hour, the problem of heat, swelling and redness of the wound can be relieved.

Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Oral Biotechnology and Medical Devices


Taiwan Mian Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

In order to reduce damage to normal tissues, doctors need to perform complex spinal surgery in a narrow field of view and limited operating space. Therefore, it is even more necessary to use the guidance of the navigation system to directly reach the lesion. The real-time AR projection of the navigation screen presents the information in the patient's body in front of the doctor's eyes allowing doctors to focus on the surgical area of the patient, improving the safety and accuracy of minimally invasive surgery.

Taiwan Resonant Waves Research Corp.

Taiwan Resonant Waves Research Corp. (TRWR), a Taiwan-based bioelectronic medicines company with global healthcare perspective, aims to offer patients better health care options with innovative complementary therapy solutions to treat metabolic, immune, and neurological related chronic diseases. This novel treatment involves the use of a non-invasive and portable microcurrent electrical nerve stimulation device to deliver mild electrical impulse stimulations in specific proprietary frequency combinations to the human body to complementary treat different chronic diseases.

-TRWR Type 2 Diabetes Bioelectronic Medicine: Currently undergoing regulatory market approval review by Taiwan FDA as a new medical device with no predicate in the world with indication of glycemic variability reduction.
-TRWR Type 1 Diabetes Bioelectronic Medicine: Completed pre-clinical validation on disease onset delay with mechanism of therapeutic action studies in progress.
-TRWR Pain Bioelectronic Medicine: Obtained class II medical device market approval from Taiwan FDA as “Dragon Waves Resonant Home Care” Electronic Nerve Stimulator.
-TRWR Sleep Disorder Bioelectronic Medicine: Completed pilot clinical trials for sleep quality improvement and obstructive sleep apnea treatment.

We are actively looking for strategic partnership opportunities to accelerate the commercialization of our treatments in the global market.


TCI Gene is the first company to promote the concept of precision preventive medicine with Predict, Prevent, and Personal Treatment. We can assess your innate physique and condition through genetic testing and provide customized services and specialized healthcare treatments to create a golden health shield.

Techno Medica Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Automated tube selecting and labeling system BC-ROBO7 BC-ROBO 8001RFID


Design & Manufacture of Medical/Pharmaceutical automation technology

Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Precision Health

Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Precision Health is based on the foundation established by the Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Biomedicine and New Agriculture and further cooperates with the Executive Yuan\\\'s latest policy, a society for all age health by 2030, in which sets up six main domains, including Precision Medicine, Smart Medical Device, Health and Wellbeing, Food Innovation, Precision Agriculture, and Diversifi ed Health.


Laser Light Therapy Apparatus、Laser Phototherapy Device、Medical Headlight、Laser Therapy Apparatus of Rhinitis、UV Light Phototherapy Device

Uni-Shinmed Company LTD.

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