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aetherAI, Co., LTD

aetherAI is committed to developing web-based digital pathology platforms for clinical reporting and AI research and development. Our offering includes a web-based digital pathology image management and viewer system, image annotation services, AI model construction, and an integrated AI-powered workflow. aetherAI takes comprehensive care of all digital pathology AI development needs. In collaboration with aetherAI, you can take advantage of the following features.

Aiello Inc.

The Vocol AI Voice Collaboration Platform combines Voice and Collaboration, incorporating various large language models (LLMs) and utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to provide more accurate speech-to-text content for both individual and enterprise users. It generates AI-generated transcripts, summaries, and topic analysis, ultimately enhancing team collaboration efficiency and creating actionable insights for each conversation. Vocol offers speech recognition in three languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese, automatically detects different speakers, and supports transcription in over 25 other languages seamlessly. It integrates with third-party online meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, addressing cross-tool integration needs. Additionally, it facilitates team communication through features like sharing, commenting, and member annotations, thus improving overall work efficiency and serving as an ideal solution for digital transformation across various industries. For healthcare needs, such as administrative meetings, psychological counseling, rounds, and remote consultations, Vocol rapidly produces conversation transcripts and AI summaries. This not only saves healthcare professionals a significant amount of time in information gathering and consolidation but also provides record-keeping for future analysis and reference in medical facilities.

AISOL Technology Corporation

AISOL Technology Corporation offers professional CAE simulation solutions, and with the rise of smart healthcare, we are expanding our services into the digital medical field to provide the most advanced solutions for the medical industry!

Our solutions:
1. Simpleware 3D Image Processing Platform
• Image includes: CT, MRI, Micro-CT, Ultrasound, 2D X-Ray, 3D and 4D DICOM, 2D image stacks, RAW...

• AI-driven automatic segmentation of patient's 3D images
• Surgical planning and implant design
• Development for medical platforms
• Compliance with international standards (U.S. FDA 510(k), EU CE Mark, ISO 13485:2016)

2. Ansys FE Simulation for Human

• Multi-physics simulation
• Biomechanical simulation
• Brain impact simulation
• Stent structure simulation
• Cardiac electrophysiology simulation
• MRI electromagnetic simulation
• Blood fluid simulation
• Respiratory tract fluid simulation

Human Organ types:
• Head/Brain
• Orthopedic
• Heart and vascular
• Respiratory system
• Other organs

AIxMed Inc.

Detecting cancer through AI Empowered Digital Cytology

Aliteam Inc.

Assistive Listening AL-531 Dual L/R microphones enhance natural sound directionality. Automatic sound adjustment function which control the sudden loud sound Three sound levels modes to help you in getting the best hearing experience. (N/M/W) New angle ear bud give you an easy and comfortable listening Small And portable, Easy to operate Up to 15 hours of battery life

All the way through international co.ltd

Meridian massage sofa Roller machine with hot compress

AllisWell Bio Co., ltd.

Disposable cell culture factory, disposable cell culture erlenmeyer flask, cell freezing consumables, automated cell culture equipment, 3D bioprinting, cell culture microcarriers (dissolvable), devices for isolating single cells from tissue, cell counters...etc.


AmLife International Co., Ltd. is a sleep health expert spanning 6 countries. It continuously cooperates with international sleep medicine authorities to promote sleep activities. It has set up factories in Japan to develop professional medical equipment, combines Japanese potential therapy with bedding, and is committed to helping everyone Everyone can enjoy high-quality sleep, create health from sleep, improve insomnia and other chronic diseases, and improve the quality of life. This time, a professional medical team was stationed at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition, bringing the latest cardiovascular arteriosclerosis testing, microcirculation testing and professional doctor consultation services worth NT$4,500, free of charge to check people\\\'s cardiovascular health and sleep, and 90 seconds You know your cardiovascular health. Professional sleep caregivers and potential therapists are on site to serve, and DeepZleep smart sleep regiments are provided for the public to experience and immediately see improvements in their cardiovascular conditions.

Ann Tong Ind. Co., LTd.

ANN TONG is the leader of micro-molding when considering medical product outsourcing. We provide stream line service from part design, mold design(CAE analysis/DFM review), mold manufacturing, plastic and silicone (LSR, PDMS) injection molding. Small plastic products include micro features or inserts. (unit weight 0.0001~6 grams / size 1~20mm), especially for high temperature materials (PEEK/PEI/PES...) and expensive materials (PLA...) for cost saving. Recent applications include drug delivery microneedles and microfluidic chip. ANN TONG is ISO13485 certified and equipped with an 10,000-level clean room. ANN TONG is your first-choice of plastic micro-molding...


【Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence】 1. Scientific golden ratio makes every drop a rare essence. 1-1. Best source: Only silver perches with traceability are selected to ensure safety. Toxin-free fish with traceability, raised by contracted farmers. 1-2. Cells Alive System technology: Keeping the fish as fresh as freshly-caught. 1-3. Cross-disciplinary cooperation of experts in the industry and academia: 36 formula trials to form a golden ratio. 1-4. Comprehensive nutrients: The essence contains 18 amino acids(including 8 essential amino acids), small molecules can be easily absorbed. 1-5. Zero burden: No antibiotics/ No animal medication/ No pesticide residues/ No preservative/ No plasticizer/ No artificial flavoring 1-6. Strict tests: Tests are performed by the 3rd party to ensure nutrition and safety.