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Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei

Introducing the Indonesian medical industry investment environment and related regulations

InnoCare Optoelectronics Corp.

InnoCare Optoelectronics Corporation (referred to as “InnoCare”) was established in April 2019 in Taiwan. The company is in the Southern Science Park of Xinshi District, Tainan City. Its main business is the design and development of X-ray flat panel sensors. Our products are the most technically advanced and highest quality manufactured. InnoCare is the world leader in this field.
Innolux, the founding shareholder of InnoCare, is a global Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) manufacturer. For over 20 years, it has been committed to the development of thin-film transistor products and technologies. InnoCare is based on this foundation and continues to advance the research of the photodiode (PD) manufacturing process.

Innovation Materials Co., Ltd

1. nonwoven wipers
2. 3D structure nonwoven
3. facial mask sheet
4. mattress
5. graphene

Insight Medical Solutions Inc.

The world\\\'s first patent Obtained TFDA in 2019 and EU Medical Device License in 2021 also have total 43 patent certifications 2 papers have been published in international journals

Institute for Information Industry

Tuberculosis Lesion Detection and Recognition for Chest X-rays
Fracture Detection and Recognition for Wrist X-rays
Breast Lesion Detection and Recognition in Mammogram
Mammography Quality Evaluation, MQE

Integrated Plasma Inc.

The IPI dual sterilization air purifier uses PM2.5 filtration technology to solve the problem of allergens, and matches with the market\\\'s rarely seen UVC & ozone dual sterilization technology to sterilize every corner of the HEPA filter and inside the air purifier. IPI chemical filters can transform ozone into oxygen. So the IPI air purifier can use the extremely high level of UVC and ozone to sterilize, eliminate the possible damages caused by ozone too, and solve the doubt of secondary pollution.


-Demonstrate top Value: 4th Gen Xeon, AMX, OpenVino, 13th Gen Core, OpenFL, Intel GPU, Altera, Gaudi/Habana
-Enable T1 Partners and use cases on Intel’s latest product lines
-Implementation of Use cases both on Premise and to the Cloud – Edge

Intelligent Jet Biomedical co.,Ltd

VR/MR Digital Medical Imaging System Holoeyes Azure Transforming Traditional Hospital CT and MRI Devices\\\' 2D Monochrome Images (Dicom) into VR/MR Stereoscopic Color Medical Images Applications include 1. Storage (Database), 2. Clinical (Outpatient/Preoperative Simulation/Intraoperative Assistance), and 3. Education (Remote Teaching/Simulation Training/Surgery Live Broadcast).

International Laboratory Developed Tests and Services Industry Alliance

International Laboratory Developed Tests and Services Industry Alliance

Internet Information Corporation

Leading HR service solution provider in Taiwan - Internet Information Corporation Over 27 years experiences in software industry. TWSE is one of our long-term reference client for 25+ years. We offer HR solutions and BPM system for clients from a variety of industries, for instance, health care, finance, manufacturing, catering, education and retail etc..