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PADS Co., Ltd.

PADS stands for \\\"Professional Assistive Device Solution\\\", supplying medical assistive devices. We support customers in clarifying their needs and provide the most suitable combination of assistive device solution. The population we served including not only early intervention of preschools but also long-term care of elders.
Based on our operation principle- \\\"Professional Assistive Device Solution\\\", we insist to empathize and find the customer\\\'s most emergent needs through consulting. In order to provide the most proper assistive device solution, we consider the activity level of users, purpose of usage and environment factors at once.
PADS would like to show our professionalism, passion and the effort we put into the professional field of medical assistive devices. We are also willing to share our concept with you and to create a new vision of service. Looking for assistive devices? Just contact PADS!


Elderly and barrier free for health promotion

Sandalphon International Inc.

SleepBank is an exclusive sleeping chip designed for in-depth sleep, SFT(Sleep Frequency Technology) assisting the prolongation of natural in-depth sleep and allowing the body to initiate the self-curing and repairing mechanisms.

The current sleep products are mostly measuring sleep environment, turn over, breathing, etc., cannot solve the sleep problem. SleepBank is an innovation solution, after product launched in Taiwan, many media attention and reports.

The SleepBank does not use chemical adjustment of immediate effect. Through SFT, the body and environment are slightly adjusted with harmonic physical resonance. This will increase the in-depth sleeping time, and enhance the sleep quality, allowing you to re-experience the original environment of the Earth. Your body will lie in such cozy environment, achieving natural repair, a self-curing bridge that re-connects the land and the body.

SHING REN international industrial co., ltd.

Nano Mist Bath Japanese SPA bathing equipment allows you to have a new bathing experience. You only need a bottle of water to wash your body without any soap and body wash
Nano Mist Bath - Energy saving, water saving, easy to operate - Subvert the conventional way of bathing and health promotion

Solonic Technology Co., Ltd

1.Wearable Bowel and Bladder Care Device 2.Bowel Movement Alert and Management System 3.Air Pressure Massage Assistive Device 4.Nursing Home Excretion System Management

Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital (Managed by Taipei Veterans General Hospital)

"Smart Gandau, Technologically Livable"
Taipei Municipal Gandau Hospital upholds the principles of "Patients as Family, Integration with the Community," offering high-quality medical and long-term care services. By integrating technology and humanistic care, the hospital incorporates elderly services into the Gandau community, achieving cloud-based operations and becoming Asia's first smart hospital. It showcases diverse care services and accomplishments, emphasizing its role and contributions within the community.

1.Traditional Chinese Health Preservation: Integrating acupuncture to harmonize Qi and blood, medicine for safe and effective anti-aging goals.
2.Smart Hospital: Integrating intelligent mattresses, lighting, and other technologies, the hospital compiles community and home service data to establish a personalized smart health management platform. This promotes the integration of medical care and the community, enhancing the quality of care.
3.Smart Aging-friendly School: Gathering community resources, focusing on potentially high-risk groups, implementing targeted measures for dementia prevention, safeguarding healthy and smart aging through knowledge and support.
4.Barrier-free Active Body and Mind: Combining home technology and exercise to promote healthy longevity.

During the exhibition, participants from the award-winning Gandau Senior Class and volunteers present a variety of performances that embody health and vitality. You're welcome to visit and share these wonderful moments!

Taiwan Bonnie Co., Ltd.

Canada Farabloc Rehabilitation Series
Protection for post-operative care, sports injuries, muscle injuries, and chronic injuries.
A comfortable body and mind in life is a kind of happiness...
Are you concerned that your dear family and friends are in a state of discomfort? They frown and suffer in silence from the torment of constant discomfort. Maybe you want to take on some of the burden, help them get rid of their discomfort, but you feel powerless. With Farabloc\\\'s help, the affected limbs can be properly protected, the discomfort alleviated, and mood improved. Farabloc uses love and care in every moment that requires protection.
Originating from providing relief from the discomfort experienced after amputation...
In 1969, Frieder Kempe, a German-Canadian devoted himself to Farabloc\\\'s research and development. His original motivation was to try to provide comfort in a non-invasive way for his amputee father.
The first prototype, introduced in 1978, can be easily applied to any limb that needs protection. Benefiting not only amputatee patients, but in cases such as sports injuries, muscle injuries, post-operative care and chronic injuries; they all see improvement with Farabloc use. Over the years, it has won the recognition of many international societies and health care organizations.
The Farabloc series covers the whole body: knee covers, waist belts, blankets, neck wraps, hats, arm guards, vests, leg guard, elbow guard, wrist-palm guards, gloves, nose covers and amputation protectors etc.


Tetsunosya Baking Master’s Home
Highest standard and highest quality is our goal

THE TORIGEO Co.,LTD. 【Pan de Smart Low-Sugar High-Fiber Special Flour】Series
The Torigeo Flour has a history of 144 years. It specializes in flour. Now it is a trend of healthy living. In 2007, it started to launch Pan de Smart system products in Japan. According to different products, it is divided into special flours such as bread, cake desserts, noodles, and bread fried flour. Each special powder has different sugar OFF, rich in dietary fiber, and high in protein. For those who lose weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the three high-level groups, they can relieve their worries about eating bread, cakes, pasta, etc., and enjoy delicious and unburdened food. healthy lifestyle.

Willoughby Co.,LTD

The airbag belt that propects your hips