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Super Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Inspection and analysis services

Supercell Biotechnology Corporation


Taiwan ASA Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Personalized regenerative medicine cell product “Autologous Multi –
Lineage Potential Cells (AMPC)” characteristics –
- US Patent Number 11,471,485
- Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australian government health management agency agree physician to infuse AMPC for medical services
- Medical insurance by Lloyd's of London, UK
- AMPC manufacture by closed system
- No antibiotics, exogenous growth factors or genetic manipulations
- More than 2,000 cases of autologous infusion have been completed, none any serious adverse reactions
- AMPC is safety and significant medical effects

Timing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Timing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd began manufacturing Traditional Chinese Medicines in 1968 to develop different biotechnological products with strictly professional experience. Timing group has a complete production line system of customized products with k-cups, powder, capsules, tablets, chopped herbs, syrups, plasters, and ointments. Timing groups offer the completed and precise consultation for the customizing service to connect ideas, development, package design, production quality and finished product inspection, etc.

“Timing Herbs” COVI Defense (NRICM101), Traditional Chinese Medicine, OTC drug, herbal supplement, Plasters, or ointments for external use.
Cell Therapy CDMO services, TAF testing services.

Vedan Biotechnology Corporation

Exhibition items:
1. Medical grade sodium γ-polyglutamate (γ-PGA)
2. γ-polyglutamate-based eye care product

1. Medical grade sodium γ-polyglutamate (γ-PGA) is a highly biocompatible biomaterial that has successfully passed various biocompatibility tests for medical devices. In October 2022, Vedan Biotech became the world's first company to obtain the US FDA Master File for Device (MAF) number for γ-PGA, allowing safe and reliable use of γ-PGA for the development of medical devices and related products. γ-PGA is a fully biodegradable natural biopolymer with exceptional hydrophilic water retention properties and high affinity for cations, making it highly suitable for developing medical devices such as wound dressings, dermal fillers, bone and joint lubricants, bone medical materials, and ophthalmic devices.

2. Vedan Biotech has conducted various experimental tests to demonstrate the alternative application of γ-PGA-based eye care product. Through these tests, it has been confirmed that γ-PGA-based eye drops can enhance tear secretion, alleviate dry eye symptoms, and reduce corneal damage. This product's uniqueness lies in its long-lasting protective effect without requiring frequent application.


UYOUNG BIOTECH provides you with a more comprehensive and rich health plan, considers every detail of your life, from physical health planning, beauty care, to customized consulting services, and is committed to creating the most suitable exclusive plan for you.
The service tenet of UYOUNG BIOTECH, with advanced preventive medicine technology as the core, exclusively plans personal precision medicine, provides solutions and service platforms for malignant tumors, chronic diseases, anti-aging, exosome application, and preventive medicine, and has become a leader in regenerative medicine. bellwether.

Bring innovative technologies in biotechnology research to more life applications, and provide high-end and high-quality services.