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Hongsen Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

Exclusively authorized agent - AQPAR Hydro-Alginate Dressing (Non-Sterile), a Class I medical material produced in Taiwan, is used for skin repair.


HOYAO BIOTECH contracts with quality local farms to ensure that healthy seedlings grow into high-quality plants for further laboratory extraction. We also actively cooperate with universities and medical centers to develop and validate the efficacy of plant ingredients that meet international standards. HOYAO BIOTECH currently holds two proprietary patents on plant extract ingredients, including patents (I641378/TW and I578991/TW).

Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Incubation Center, MOEASMEA


Hsinchu Science Park Bureau National Science and Technology Council

The exhibiting startups at the Zhubei-Yilan Park in the Hsinchu Science Park include nine companies that cater to the needs of farmers requiring rural field testing and local transformation initiatives. These companies showcase their distinctive products and services at the exhibition. The featured startups are:

Lanyang Beauty Intelligent Agriculture Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:
Lanyang Beauty focuses on providing rural field resources and customer matchmaking for farmers, as well as extracting medical materials from silver willow.

Arlatian Co., Ltd.:
Arlatian specializes in delivering high-end audio products/medical services such as advanced headphones and earphones with simplified procurement processes and high durability for customers.

Xiangyu An Technology Co., Ltd.:
Xiangyu An offers a comprehensive air treatment service, integrating sensors, cloud-based AI intelligent control systems, and delivering solutions for air quality management.

These companies, along with six others, showcase their distinctive products and services within the dedicated Zhubei-Yilan Park section of the exhibition.



Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital

There are 4 exhibiting themes in our hospital to participate in the exhibition, the first item: the application of smart dispensing table, the second item: AI drug image recognition system, the third item: AI dynamic real-time battle situation for hospital decision-making, and the fourth item: nursing resource decision-making system。

Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center

Tzu Chi Charity Foundation had set foot around the world in over 122 countries. Therefore, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital already became an internationalized medical center, which has accumulated many fruitful accomplishments over 37 years in medical aspects. For many years, it collaborated with charity, education, culture main missions and continued to provide innovation and hope within the Taiwan medical systems. Hence, our hospital participates in this exhibition with co-development firms. Our central theme this year is ”Stem cell innovative therapy” followed with other hot issues, including cell therapy, cancer immune treatment, development of new drugs and innovative medical appliances, smart healthcare, preventive medicine, international healthcare, and New Southbound Projects. We hope to share our accomplishments with society. Through this exhibition, our hospital wishes to enhance international links and achieve the initial intention of innovative development with people-oriented thoughts in the end.

Huede Healthtech Co., Ltd.

1. APTS_V (Advanced Physiological Transmitting System for Ventilators)
2. PTS_P (Infusion Transmitting System)
3. iEMS (Intelligent Emergency Medical Service)
4. AHHCS (Automated Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System)
5. APTS_F (Advanced Physiological Transmitting System for Fetal Monitor Central Station

HuiJia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Huijia Health with patented core technology- Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT®) and Smart Care System using the principle of total reflection of optical fiber, there is no electromagnetic field change (no electromagnetic wave) in each action. It is a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy physiological sensor that can monitor changes in physiological activities such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep analysis, and activity status. Product applications include smart (bed) films, smart beds, smart wheelchair cushions, smart assistive devices, smart care system for taking care a lot of elders and babies at the same time, etc.

HUJIA Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Hujia Biomedical Co., Ltd. multifunctional patient repositioning aid (Taiwan patented) reduces the physical burden on caregivers, minimizes the risk of falls among the elderly, and enhances the quality of care. We proudly represent Adidas sports protective gear, a globally renowned sports brand, offering our customers the most professional and top-quality choices. Medical Nutritional Supplements: GJ+HA, a product certified with the SNQ National Quality Mark, is procured and used within central medical centers. GR+HA, awarded the 58th Golden Horse Awards\\\' VIP gift selection, stands uniquely in the market. Our comprehensive vitamin series uses raw materials from a leading global vitamin manufacturer, aligning with global health initiatives.