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Ast Scitech corp.

Founded in 1979, AST Corporation focuses on innovation, talent development, quality instruments, and excellent post-sales service. Products: VEOLIA, Labconco, LC, Vapourtec, ISCO, Löser, SAIREM, Mageleka

ASUS Cloud Corporation


ASUSTek Computer Inc.

1. ASUS VivoWatch 2. Portable Ultrasound 3. EndoAim 4. xHIS 5. HealthHub Telehealth Solution 6. MH3281A Clinical Monitor 7. Medical Voice Recognition System



AUO Care Inc.

1. AI care as a service 2.Safety monitoring solution 3.Function training solution

AUO Display Plus Corporation

AUO Display Plus is the industrial and commercial display subsidiary of AUO Corporation. We offer a complete end-to-end display service, from R&D, through to sales and customer service. AUO Display Plus picks up the baton from AUO, leveraging 20 years of experience to provide a comprehensive range of products to customers worldwide. Headquartered in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, the company operates global offices in Mainland China, Japan, the United States, and Europe.

AUO Health Inc.

【Traditional Chinese Medicine Digital Detection Solution】Built upon high-precision multi-point array pressure sensing technology, this solution utilizes computer-controlled vertical movement with utmost precision to faithfully replicate the "lifting, pressing, and searching" actions of finger pulse diagnosis, thus restoring the palpation techniques of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Additionally, employing a specialized display, a color restoration algorithm accurately reproduces tongue colors for precise display.

AUO Health provides both standardized and digitized equipment for pulse and tongue diagnosis, ensuring calibration and reliability. When paired with a data analysis platform, this system rapidly organizes complex, multivariate data, conducts trend analysis, and performs pattern comparisons. This assists professionals in the field of traditional Chinese medicine by providing them with a dependable digital tool for clinical research, educational inheritance, and diagnostic support. Furthermore, it holds the potential for future applications in big data analysis and AI.


AI Pneumatic Massager

Avalue Technology Incorporation

1: Elevating In-hospital Healthcare through Contactless Vital Sign Monitoring Twins System: SmartCaring T60 revolutionize patient care and safety through the integration of non-intrusive vital sign remote sensor, medical grade panel PC, ensuring immediate emergency response, and combine digital monitoring twins concept with AI for COPD/Pneumonia/Sleep Apnoea Detection. 2: Leveraging AI Facial Tracking with Medical PTZ to Enhance ICU Care and Advanced Patient Monitoring : Reducing Mortality Risk through Continuous ICU Camera Monitoring with Powerful Panel PC - Addressing Manpower Shortages, Enhancing Efficiency 3: Empowering Osteoporosis Screening at the Edge of AI with AIO : With our powerful and scalable AI edge, we together transform the disease detection process and deliver the healthcare services with more precision and efficiency to extend the public awareness of Osteoporosis

B. Green Technology Co..Ltd

TURTLE GYM was founded to be like a turtle with Slow Living, Slow Exercise, Slow LOHAS and. Step by step through exercise to promote health to achieve vitality and longevity. TURTLE GYM provides a variety of services for exercise, comprehensively track, and manage your exercise status. Formulate precise exercise prescriptions, evaluate, and adjust appropriate exercise methods by tracking health & exercise records for a long time, so that you can achieve your ideal exercise goals.