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Hwa Meei Optical Co., LTD

1. Medical Protective Eyewear - Used for eye protection protection against infections, specific light filtering requirements, etc.
2. Medical Laser Protection - Suitable for European and American picosecond laser protection.
3. Senior-friendly eyewear - Designed for elderly individuals, these glasses reduce glare and enhance visual clarity, providing a more vibrant visual experience.
4. Sunglasses - Suitable for daily eye protection against UV radiation.
5. Customized Correction Lenses - Custom-made lenses tailored to the user's vision correction needs, including blue light protection, progressive lenses, high-curve sports sun correction lenses, etc.
6. Hand-Eye Coordination Training Equipment - Assists in developing children's hand-eye coordination skills, mitigates cognitive decline in older people, or enhances the general population's sports visual response abilities.

ible Technology Inc.

ible Technology is an IOT & wearable device company aiming to protect everyone from harmful airborne substances and create better life with innovative wearable air purifiers.

Airvida E1 is the first wearable ionic air purifier with noise-cancelling earphones in the world. It generates up to 30 million negative ions every 0.6 second to effectively reduce PM2.5, allergens, and viruses breathed in. Its location-based app also provides instant air pollution info wherever we are. The amount of negative ions can be elevated based on the air condition to ensure clean air in wearers' facial area.

Integrated Plasma Inc.

The IPI dual sterilization air purifier uses PM2.5 filtration technology to solve the problem of allergens, and matches with the market\\\'s rarely seen UVC & ozone dual sterilization technology to sterilize every corner of the HEPA filter and inside the air purifier. IPI chemical filters can transform ozone into oxygen. So the IPI air purifier can use the extremely high level of UVC and ozone to sterilize, eliminate the possible damages caused by ozone too, and solve the doubt of secondary pollution.

KeMyth Biotech Co.,Ltd

Exquisite Ginger Tea:A natural product with a perfect match after patented concentrated extraction of local ginger from Taiwan, black soybean seed coat and green tea extract. Dietary therapy is popular. Ginger contains shogaol and gingerol, which can promote metabolism and is rich in dietary fiber. The special concentration of green tea catechins reduces greasy, and the black bean hull anthocyanins of black gold beans help to keep clear. The key to start is in place at one time, and a single pack is brewed with 150-200mL of warm water, not spicy but natural light pleasant taste from plant. The regular drink of exquisite ginger tea could maintain your body equilibrium and refresh your mind from heavy daily workload. Suitable for vegetarian.


Sales of public and home AEDs, among which CellAED is the lightest, weighing only 300 grams; public models include our domestic AED, American-made Physio-Control, British-made HeartSine and Korean-made Nanoomtech, which can meet various needs.
The full range of InBody is on sale, including tunnel blood pressure monitors, automatic height and weight machines, etc. Welcome to inquire!


KOLLOS develops the world-leading breakthrough technology in futuristic pivotal nano-refinement that exceeds the industry and national standards, as well as six international standards in high efficacy and long-lasting effects. With over 90% emittance rate of far-infrared light at room temperature, it signficantly improves blood flow, speeds up metabolism, raises blood oxygen saturation and boosts immunity. KOLLOS is dedicated to circular health.

KUBIN international co.Ltd

Far infrared products/goggles/microscope


Lumbar Support Adjustable Seat Cushion It allows you to sit upright for long periods of time, protect your spine and hips, and add far infrared rays to help circulation, so sitting is no longer just about resting! It is a deep rest! The back supporter has an ergonomic design and is developed according to each person's [weight], [body shape] and [sitting needs]. It can be customized and adjusted, and can distinguish between...

Leadtek Research Inc.

Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
amor HRV Guard Portable ECG Recorder
Wearable ECG Recoder
amor physical and mental health management platform


Tourniquets , Esmark Bandage , Cast & Bandage Protector, Lumbar Waist Support Band, Exercise Band, Loop Band, Flow Band (Resistance Strap), Handy Ball