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Ever Supreme Bio Technology Co., LTD

The development of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells, cultured to express specific molecular profiles, provides a promising avenue for targeted therapy. These cells harness and maintain their inherent anti-inflammatory properties, mitigating tissue deterioration and promoting tissue regeneration and repair. Due to the high cost and logistical challenges associated with autologous cell therapy production, our company is developing a novel drug, UMSC01 (allogeneic umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells), which serves as an excellent source for allogeneic cell therapy. These umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells can be pre-manufactured and stored for off-the-shelf use, allowing us to realize the concept of 'mass production and shelf-ready sale of cell products.' This significantly reduces cell culture costs while preserving the inherent anti-inflammatory properties and tissue regeneration capabilities of mesenchymal stem cells. This approach holds great market potential and product development value.

Firstep Bioresearch, Inc.

Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. possesses a QMS factory for the production of rapid tests, and has obtained ISO13485 certification, establishing itself as the most complete supplier of testing reagents. Rapid tests are characterized by their ease of use, rapid result display, and cost-effectiveness, playing an indispensable role in clinical diagnostics and preventive medicine. With the principle of "prevention is better than cure," we introduce testing reagents for home use, providing comprehensive healthcare service by integrating health, maintenance and functional household equipment.
In this exhibition, we introduced a series of rapid screening reagents, including: Cardiac Troponin I / Creatine Kinase-MB Isozyme 2 in 1 Rapid Test for the detection of acute myocardial infarction; Helicobacter pylori / Fecal Occult Blood 2 in 1 Rapid Test, and Rotavirus/Adenovirus Duo Rapid Test,screening for gastrointestinal pathogen infections. Additionally, Respiratory Syncytial Virus Rapid Test and Adenovirus Rapid Test aid in the diagnosis of respiratory pathogen infections. Furthermore, we have several upcoming projects, such as the multi-panel gynecological repid test, providing women with a comprehensive health screening service.
Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. is a guardian of life and health. We are devoted to providing high-quality health products and services, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and wonderful life!

Future Yield Material Inc.

Fine wire : Titanium、 Nickel Titanium、Nf-HyCZ Class1/Class2
Flat wire: stainless steel、titanium、nickel titanium
Tube : stainless steel、other metals
Coil ring : Stainless steel、titanium、nickel titanium、tungsten

Gene Code Biotech Inc.

1. Exosome amplification and service Mammalian cell culture specification customized Exosome purification Exosome Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Flow Cytometry CD9/CD63/CD81 biomarker analysis Exosome components protein array analysis 2. KeraGo SFM: High efficiency Keratinocyte serum free culture system, proceed cell growth and time-saving 3. mscGo XF medium: Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cell culture system - maintain MSC properties and specificity

GENE HEALTH Co., Ltd. Yilan Branch

Develop and build a genome sequencing analysis software production line, focusing on the application of fetal genome sequence analysis (such as fetal chromosome screening, chip-based whole genome analysis, preimplantation single gene disease screening, etc.), which can be based on The industry's OpenWDL standardized biological information analysis process design accelerates the data analysis process. Through cloud computing, parallel large-scale data processing and fast computing technology to simplify the calculation and analysis process, the processing performance can be increased by more than 10 times; and it is based on the industry's open standard GA4GH APIs Automatic management and storage of genetic big data. Through the cloud distributed data lake system, it can store huge amounts of data in TB and PB levels, and automatically deploy the database and related process software tools required for analysis and calculation in software containers. , build a complete biological information production line solution required by genetic testing laboratories to achieve process standardization, automation of analysis operations, and large-scale and systematic testing services.

GeneOne Diagnostics Corporation

OEM/ODM cooperation、G1 Dengue Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit、Nucleic Acid Extraction reagents

GeneReach Biotechnology Corp.

CLICK-N-GO, From sample to library
Optimize vaccine program
Enhance biosecurity
Reduce antibiotics usage

Genomics Bioscience & Technology Co., Ltd.

Genomics was founded in 2001 by Dr. T.Y. Chow, a student of Dr. Frederick Sanger who was twice the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The company uses “Genomics” as the name to establish a genomic research platform, mainly providing professional technological services. Genomics is Taiwan\\\'s biggest commercial genome sequencing company, with a solid foundation of existing technical services, to develop precision medical genetic testing to realize personalized medical information.


Genovior Biotech Corporation is a professional CDMO/CMO pharmaceutical company, aiming to provide domestic and foreign customers high-quality, convenient and effective one-shop services to meet customers\\\' needs from clinical to commercialization stage.
Our services:
1. Process development services: biologics; peptide API; small molecule drug
2. Formulation services
3. Monoclonal antibody drug development services
4. CDMO: biologics API, lyophilized injections, pre-filled syringes, injection pens
5. Regulatory services: dossier & documentation for domestic and foreign marketing authorization

GS1 Taiwan

GS1 Taiwan is an independent, not-for-profit organization working to make Taiwan organizations more efficient by getting everybody speaking the same language when it comes to locating, transporting and trading goods. As a GS1\\\'s Member Organization, GS1 Taiwan strives to empower the core competences and competitiveness for Taiwan business community in moving a step forward to the globe through adopting a common global language of business.