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Hakuto Taiwan Ltd.

Product: Ex-cimer lamp, wavelength:172nm, Application: Bio-Chip Compare Plasma of advantage: 1. On/Off immediately 2. No need vacuum 3. No any gas 4. Non-contacting, so direct damage will be slight


Helios bioelectronics is committed to combining the semiconductor industry and the biotech medical industry, using semiconductor chips to replace traditional detection methods. Traditional biomolecule detection methods mostly use fluorescence calibration methods, or use molecular bonding color rendering methods, which is more complicated. Helios bioelectronics utilizes Taiwan\\\'s excellent semiconductor technology to produce array-type field-effect transistor sensing chips that focus on electrical measurement, and develops an analysis platform that is simple to operate and label-free, provide effective and powerful testing tools for the precision medicine industry. It can help doctors make more accurate interpretations in the early stages of the disease, thereby reducing the misdiagnosis rate.

High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Center

High-value Biomaterials Research and Commercialization Center (MT3+) will continue to facilitate the alliance and promote the development of biomaterials industries by being dedicated to research and development, consulting with follow-up plans, expanding the promotion activities, and strengthening capabilities in the field of biomaterials engineering and therefore improve competitiveness of Taiwanese biomedical industries.


1.“HIWIN” Robotic Gait Training System (Non-sterile)
MOHW-MDL-No. a00086
2.“HIWIN” Robotic Gait Training System (Non-sterile)
3.“HIWIN” Robotic Endoscope Holder and Accessories

HJ DigiHealth Ltd Co.

HJ DigiHealth is committed to development, design, and manufacturing of medical equipment, and uses AIOT and cloud technology to completely analyze data to achieve the goals of resource sharing, case management, and precise health promotion. Our medical products include:
1. HJ EECP device is All-in-One. It collects the patient ECG signal, conducts instant R-wave detection, and uses the R-wave trigger to control the inflation and deflation of the air bag. Inflation is a three-level sequential pressurization from the calves, thighs to buttocks and upper arms, so that the blood of the upper and lower limbs can be driven back to the upper body during diastole and returned to the heart through the veins, thus promoting the function of the heart, brain and other organs. blood circulation to improve blood supply to ischemic tissues.
2. HIFEM device: uses high-intensity electromagnetic fields to stimulate motor neurons and cause muscles to contract more than 20,000 times to achieve the purpose of strengthening muscles. This non-invasive body sculpting treatment and can quickly achieve body beautification.

Hongsen Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

Exclusively authorized agent - AQPAR Hydro-Alginate Dressing (Non-Sterile), a Class I medical material produced in Taiwan, is used for skin repair.


HOYAO BIOTECH contracts with quality local farms to ensure that healthy seedlings grow into high-quality plants for further laboratory extraction. We also actively cooperate with universities and medical centers to develop and validate the efficacy of plant ingredients that meet international standards. HOYAO BIOTECH currently holds two proprietary patents on plant extract ingredients, including patents (I641378/TW and I578991/TW).

Hsinchu Science Park Bureau National Science and Technology Council

The exhibiting startups at the Zhubei-Yilan Park in the Hsinchu Science Park include nine companies that cater to the needs of farmers requiring rural field testing and local transformation initiatives. These companies showcase their distinctive products and services at the exhibition. The featured startups are:

Lanyang Beauty Intelligent Agriculture Biotechnology Co., Ltd.:
Lanyang Beauty focuses on providing rural field resources and customer matchmaking for farmers, as well as extracting medical materials from silver willow.

Arlatian Co., Ltd.:
Arlatian specializes in delivering high-end audio products/medical services such as advanced headphones and earphones with simplified procurement processes and high durability for customers.

Xiangyu An Technology Co., Ltd.:
Xiangyu An offers a comprehensive air treatment service, integrating sensors, cloud-based AI intelligent control systems, and delivering solutions for air quality management.

These companies, along with six others, showcase their distinctive products and services within the dedicated Zhubei-Yilan Park section of the exhibition.


ICON INC. is representative of Puritan Medical Products for whole Asia market. Puritan, as a leading manufacturer for swab products globally, can offer a variety of swab and transport system for different kind of fields including diagnostic, forensic, genetics, medical, environmental inspection, critical environment...etc. and Puritan is an over 100 years USA manufacturer.
PurFlock Ultra and HydraFlock are worldwide patented. And the registrations and certificates on TFDA, CFDA, CE, FDA, PMDA, MDSAP, ISO … are available.

igus Taiwan Company Ltd.

Medical environments require components that meet the highest hygiene standards. Oil-free, corrosion-resistant sliding bearings and energy systems made of special motion plastics are suitable choices. Motion plastic bearings can be used in X-ray robot arms, laboratory equipment, patient and treatment chairs, hospital beds, and prosthetics. Maintenance-free supply chains can be used to protect and guide cables, which are widely used in operating room equipment, rehabilitation systems, and diagnostic devices. igus components are suitable for clean rooms, resistant to media, quiet, and meet the highest medical requirements.