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TANITA professional/home-use body composition analyzer can provide several body composition measurements and key indicators of sarcopenia, and is widely used in medical institutions, sports and fitness and other fields.

Sunshine Plus Ltd.,

Sunshine Plus Ltd.,has been operating for many years and is one of the largest technology manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region, spanning sports, outdoor and medical fields. Among them, it cooperates with various sports (golf, baseball, softball, football, tennis, basketball, track and field, etc.), cooperates with 6 Asian and Olympic national teams, spans 13 countries, and represents more than 60 brands.
​In recent years, it has stepped into the research and development of scientific research products, integrated software and big data, and established better training mechanisms and effects through data and academic cooperation. In 2023, Sunshine Plus Ltd., will introduce more complete sports technology, improve motion analysis technology, and prevent sports injuries. Through 4D sensors, high-speed photography and portable pressure plates, a more convenient sports science laboratory is no longer restricted by the venue environment.

Ta Lai Sporting Goods Enterprised

The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world has also accelerated the trend of contact-free smart care. More and more long-term care institutions are coming to the realization that introducing smart care products to improve manpower shortage and reduce labor costs is the key solution to sustainable operations.

“MAXPAL Microcrystalline Energy Soothing System” team up with institutions to improve the three major problems— “manpower shortage, occupational injuries faced by caregivers, rehabilitation from massage exercise”—from the source.

Highlight No.1: Precise Passive Exercise to Improve Pain x Prevent Bedsores x Improve Muscle Strength

Highlight No.2: Let\\\'s Get Started! Minimum Manpower x Maximum Efficiency for Assisted Massage and Back Tapping

Highlight No.3: Easy-to-Use Mobile APP to Kick Start Personalized and Automated Technology Physiotherapy

Taiwan Aesthetic Medicine Industry Association

The medical device, product, and service of members of TAMIO will show the comprehensive field of smart medicine in Taiwan.

Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devuces Techniligues, Inc.

The Guardian Angel® products are using a strap that fits comfortably and securely on the baby’s foot or Adults & Pediatrics’ finger, continuously monitors blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR) once per second. Real-time, customizable vitals are visible on user’s smart phone, and alarms sound when PR or SpO2 move outside of the preset limits.


Founded in 1976, Taiwan Silentnight is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer and wholesale, channel sales distribution company in mattress, electric massage beds and bedding products. We have designed and manufactured ergonomic and functional mattresses and electric massage bed for consumers, so that you can truly enjoy sleep and relax. We provide consumers with complete sleep products, which is also the first choice for customers considering buying mattress and electric massage beds. We uphold to the company philosophy of professionalism, comfort and health. Simply hand in the issue of healthy sleep to Taiwan Silentnight.

Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association

TSMA will invite the members who provide smart healthcare products, fitness eqiupment, rehabilitation products, health promotion or protective gears, etc. to take part in this trade show.


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Patches Aqua Tune water bottles Smart Jewelry


NIR Near Infrared LED Care Light/Hospital Rehabilitation/Home Care