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InnoCare Optoelectronics Corp.

InnoCare Optoelectronics Corporation (referred to as “InnoCare”) was established in April 2019 in Taiwan. The company is in the Southern Science Park of Xinshi District, Tainan City. Its main business is the design and development of X-ray flat panel sensors. Our products are the most technically advanced and highest quality manufactured. InnoCare is the world leader in this field.
Innolux, the founding shareholder of InnoCare, is a global Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) manufacturer. For over 20 years, it has been committed to the development of thin-film transistor products and technologies. InnoCare is based on this foundation and continues to advance the research of the photodiode (PD) manufacturing process.

Innovation Materials Co., Ltd

1. nonwoven wipers
2. 3D structure nonwoven
3. facial mask sheet
4. mattress
5. graphene

Insight Medical Solutions Inc.

The world\\\'s first patent Obtained TFDA in 2019 and EU Medical Device License in 2021 also have total 43 patent certifications 2 papers have been published in international journals

Janman Precision Industry Co., Ltd

Since its establishment in 1985, Janman has evolved from a small tooling operation to a full-service, high-precision machining, mold assembly, and plastic injection molding company. Today, Janman’s quick lead times and reputation for reliable service have earned it the recurring business of many well-known companies, particularly in the medical industries, electronics and automotive.
Core Segments:
 Precision Mold Design & Build
 Injection Molding
 Critical Core/ Cavity Steel
 Production Machining
 Tool Manufacturing
Core Markets:
 Medical Equipment
 Medical Parts

JelloX Biotech Inc.

Panoramic Digital Pathology Integration Platform


4K Microsurgery Camera and Video System scanning workstation Commercial Photography Workstation Microcirculation blood flow tester Industrial/Medical Microscope Inspection System

JNL Co., Ltd.

JNL Co., Ltd. focuses on researching and manufacturing medical devices and beauty
equipment (for skin, obesity, scalp), and has been innovative and challenging to be a leader
of the beauty industry for last 20 years.

Technical Development by JNL Co., Ltd.
- Portable complex skin care Device (PCT/Patented)
- Electric Needle Skin Tissue Improvement System (Patented)
- Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening Functional Cosmetics (KFDA Certified)
- Microneedle Roller Structure (Patented)
- Portable Hair Growth Device (Patented)
- Other Domestic & international Patents, Utility Models, and Trademarks acquired, such as
development of Hair Growth Solution

[DERMAROLLER] - 10 Minutes for V-Line Delicate Skin Care
* Detoxification * Anti-aging & Lifting * Nourition
* Moisturizing * Diminishing pores * Whitening
A roller type beauty device with Electroporation (EP) technology which enables skin care nutrients to effectiviely permeate deep into the tissues through innovative Multiple Medium Frequency (MF), NNN(Need No Needle) Technology. Most cosmetic substances (40,000 Dalton) such as Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Oligonucleotide, Peptide and natural ingredients are safely permeated into the deep tissues (Dermis) with no pain and no needles.

[LABAMAROS Touch Screen 8 in 1]
* Promote blood circulation * Supply of oxygen
* Improve moisture absorption * Exfoliation management soothing
* Collagen synthesis regenerating * Elasticity improvement lifting
* Whitening * Pore, acne management
* Vitalization * Hair loss prevention improvement
An aesthetic beauty device with multiple functions in one device equipped with the latest 10.4\\

Jun Zhi Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Cancer screening-related technologies and services have been available on the market for many years, but their accuracy is the most criticized. SAA Protein Test requires only a tube of blood draw, and does not require fasting and bowel cleansing in advance. Through the purification of exclusive nanoparticles, we can target and analyze trace amount of SAA in the blood. The protein is analyzed by high-end mass spectrometry, and the self-developed AI biological interpretation software is used to analyze the cancer risk. SAA Protein Test has an overall detection accuracy of 91% for Colorectal Cancer and 85% for Gastric Cancer, which is pretty much close to the result of Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. No need to endure the inconvenience and discomfort of invasive examination, SAA Protein Test is an excellent alternative for early screening of Colorectal Cancer and Gastric Cancer.

Kaiwood Technology Co., Ltd

Kaiwood Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the design, development, and sales of colloidal gold rapid screening test equipment. Its product, the color analyzer, can be applied in various testing areas within the biotechnology and medical industry, including human diseases, food safety, pesticide residues, drug abuse, POCT key care, and customized solutions.

KT Medical Inc.

KT Medical Inc. is a newly invested company by Kuang Tai Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., a notable manufacturer of welding and industrial wires for 40 years. KT Medical developed its sophisticated knowledge of welding, wire drawing, and forming from its mother company, Kuang-Tai Metal, and improved it further. With our technological progress, KT Medical integrated the two core technologies from Kuang Tai Group, wire drawing, and wire processing to develop medical devices and parts. We will demonstrate our medical grade wire material, processed semi-product, and OEM guidewire which can be used in peripheral vascular, urology, and endoscope-related surgery in guts occlusion.