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Nanoray Biotech Co., Ltd.

NanoRay Biotech Co. has been devoted to researches and developments of patented transmission X-ray technology. By generating a monochromatic spectrum with a specific niche of beam energy contributing to higher image contract, lower energy consumption and decreased absorbing dosage for patients, the transmission X-ray tube is able to provide a much safer, faster and more affordable choice in medical imaging, especially in pediatric field. As the world’s first “Made- in- Taiwan” low energy hand X-ray device, Revolux is comprised of the unique transmission X-Ray tube, digital image sensor, imaging software system and a radiation contained housing. Furthermore, Revolux revels not only an elegant appearance but also a high-level safety and protective design which is intended to provide a high-quality environment for patients taking the image. Revolux has been officially approved by USFDA and TFDA. For future application, NanoRay Biotech Co. aims to provide a better healthcare service in the medical needs of children’s bone age diagnosis, bone density detection for both the elderly men and women, early diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as hand bone reconstructive surgery.

National Applied Research Laboratories


Netown Corporation

1、Smart Fat-burn Heart-rate Monitor Bike
• No Wearables Needed for leisure and free exercise experience
• Medical Level Accuracy compared with medical pulse oximeter
• Training Target Auto Setup with appropriate strength for user’s age
• Auto Loading Adjustment based on real-time heartrate value
• Fat-burn & Heartrate Keeper for increasing workout time efficacy
• High Heartbeat Risk Prevent by smart auto loading reducing
• Privacy Secure Technique by livestreaming analysis w/o recording

2、Muscle Strength Evaluation & Training System
• Smart 3-in-1 System evaluates muscle ability comprehensively
• Grip power, Lower limb strength & Balance checking all included
• Pre & Post Outcome Evaluation report for precise training plan
• Numerical Workout Result with personalized training program
• Multi-usage Gamification Training for muscle and balance
• Training Data Auto-Saving for long-term tracking & analysis

3、AI Precise Four Limbs Muscle Strength Trainer
• Multi-Function Exercise & Rehab for Arms & Legs
• Audio-Visual Interactive Coordination Training
• All-in-one with Evaluate + Advise + Train + Check
• Training for Concentration, Reaction, Execution
• Personalized Training Target Setup by Evaluation Data
• Training Target Auto Fine-Tuning based on User Progress
• Training Result Analysis right after Training Finished
• Electrical Loading Adjustment for Professional Training

New Taipei City Biotechnology Alliance

Hospital and Home Care Medical Device, Digital Health, Point of Care Testing, In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, Wound Dressing, Stereotactic Surgery/Dental Navigation System, Robotic Arm + AI, Cardiovascular AI Measurement Device, Laser Therapy Apparatus/Laser Phototherapy Device, Respiratory Therapy, Pressure Area Care, Compression Therapy, Dynamic Skincare Scanner & System, Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer, Connected Health System, Cell Therapy, Culture medium, Health Food, Cosmetics, OEM/ODM, CDMO

New YF Precision Co.

1. Applied Materials Picosun 原子層沉積鍍膜設備:ALD鍍膜功能從晶片、元件製程、玻璃、元件保護、3D封裝技術、3D構件鍍膜到粉體加工等都有相對應的技術,近年來更運用在醫療器材的薄膜coating,為具生物相容性且能長期侵入特性的膜層。
2. 電漿表面處理設備:電漿處理可用於多種材料表面特性改質,使它們更容易接合、黏合和上漆,通過電漿清潔及活化表面來改善表面的粘附特性。此應用在生醫領域已是成熟技術,例如微流道製程(PDMS與玻璃接合)。
3. 超小體積微流道控制模組:此技術實現微流道閥件微型化,提供了適用於生醫微流道的閥件、控制器及應用系統。目前已能做到內損耗4uL的閥件,對於珍貴的生醫試劑或一次性檢體操作頗具價值。


Light-weighted and compact-sized Heart Rate Monitor with BTLE 4.0 wireless transmission capacity that works with both iOS and Android system App. It gives you instant and accurate readings of Oxygen Saturation (SpO2%) and Pulse Rate (PR). When upgraded to the full-functioned version of App, it allows you to access the AI early warning heart disease technology on Ostar iCloud, the 2020 R&D100 award winning AI technology. With clinical test proven 100% sensibility and 96.88% specificity on Atrial Fibrillization detection, this device will be the perfect solution to provide portable protection against cardiovascular diseases. Ostar cares for your heart.

Plastics Industry Development Center

One-Step Shop of Medical Devices Plastics Industry Development Center Show the development of polymeric medical devices in Taiwan In order to assist plastics industry and accelerate the advancement of the plastics technology, Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) was established in 1993 and funded by the government and plastics industry. Since 2000, PIDC has been working in the field of medical devices for many years, playing an important role in the development of polymeric medical devices in Taiwan. To accelerate medical devices innovation, we deliver below services: ◆ Medical device design and development ◆ Patent and industry analysis ◆ Process technology and supply chain integration ◆ Test verification service ◆ Quality system counseling ◆ License application counseling

Portapower Electronic Ltd.

300W - 2300W Power Station
3.5KW / 7KW Power Storage System
Power Station for CPAP
Battery for wheelchairs
Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cells



Quan Xin International Co.,Ltd.

“AMBERSAN External counter-pulsation device” A/ECP_A1 abbreviation EECP,A whole new version that developed and manufactured in Taiwan. Where ECG R-wave as the trigger signal synchronously controls the cuffs at early diastolic period. The cuff pressurizes orderly from the peripheral vessels to the more central vessels, enabling the blood flow of the lower limb to return. Before the systolic stage, the cuff (include the bladder) deflates rapidly to open up the pressured vessels of the limbs, thus decreasing the peripheral circulation resistance and the load to the heart. thereby reduce heart load and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption.
EECP has been proven effective in curing cardiovascular diseases in clinical trials.