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Quanta Computer Inc.

AI Platform for Smart Medicine(QOCA aim) AI Platform for Telemedicine(QOCA atm) AI Platform for Patient Care(QOCA apc) AI IoT for Body Care(QOCA abc)


Rigiforce Co., Ltd. was found by Mr. John Lee in 1997. Mr. Lee has 31 years working experience on Escomatic maintenance/application/sales. Mr. Lee was authorized to be Esco sales manager of The Greater China maket in 2011. Rigiforce built up his tooling room to make all Esco tooling in Taiwan in 2008, all tooling manufacturing technology offered and authorized by Esco SA. Rigiforce is now Esco’s service center for Asian clients in Taiwan. We can offer all Escomatic users total solution from traditional cam calculation, tooling, spare parts, maintenance consultant, CNC programing and machine sales.


1. WhizPad Care Relieve System
2. “SEDA”Anti-Decubitus Mattresses (Non-Sterile)
3. WhizToys Sports Game Platform

Shen Yuann Industry Co., Ltd.

Using Europe-made precise dosing systems and injection molding machines, along with LSR (liquid silicone rubber) cold runner systems, we can efficiently save material from loss, and the reduction is especially significant in pricey medical materials.
Manufacturing in class 100,000 (ISO-8) clean rooms, our injection molding technique is suitable for plastic and LSR (liquid silicone rubber) parts for medical purposes.
We've been investing in various testing equipment to assist our customers in gathering data more easily; and assembly lines to conduct mechanical assembling.
Certificated in the medical device quality management system (ISO 13485) and food safety management system (ISO 22000).
With over 30 years of experience in injection mold development, we are here to provide you with our professionalism and services locally in Taiwan.

Shineo Technology Co., LTD

Shineo Technology is a qualified (QMS/ISO) medical device manufacturer. Our products are mainly high-end implant medical materials. The product categories include medical aesthetics, orthopedics, dentistry, gastrointestinal internal medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, and wound dressings. We have obtained more than 20 product QMS(GMP) manufacture licenses. With rich and diverse production experience, Shineo Technology provide reliable medical materials OEM services.
Shineo Technology also provides professional medical equipment certification counseling. Since establishment, we have
been counseling many physicians and professors from National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, Yang Ming, Peking University, Beirong, Chang Gung, etc. to obtain medical material certification, and successfully mass-produced more than 40 medical material products. We assist customers on QMS, ISO document writing, product testing planning, clinical trials, and product certification and listing.

Shuaire Technology Co.,Ltd.

Mainly committed to developing sensors and equipment that can detect and purify indoor air quality. It integrates various physical and chemical sensors and can be designed according to different customer needs. Targeting different pollution sources, the purification equipment can be intelligently activated to instantly improve air quality. , to avoid long-term accumulation of harmful substances causing harm to human health, and to purify indoor air quality.

Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, National Science and Technology Council

There are over 87 tenant companies in the iBioMed Cluster of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), one of the largest research and development sites of advanced biomedical technologies in Taiwan, creating billions (NT$) of production values each year, with an annual growth rate over 15%.

Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd.

The Prime Series of autoclaves is a new, highly effective sterilization solution designed to meet the needs of modern medical and biological laboratories. This series of autoclaves combines a touch screen with high specification technology to ensure performance to the most stringent sterilization standards.


Efficient Sterilization: The Prime Series autoclaves sterilize solids and porous materials to ensure the highest level of sterility, whether it\\\'s medical instruments, laboratory glassware or biological samples, it will reliably ensure that your items are sterilized.

Touch Screen Operation: Featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies operation while viewing and accessing sterilization programs and records, all with just a few touches.

Sterilization History and IoT: The Prime Lab series features automatic recording and digitization of sterilization data, with automatic encryption and uploading of the data to a dedicated cloud. Users can see a detailed sterilization history that includes information about the personnel and the items being sterilized, and accurately track each sterilization process regardless of time and location.

The prime series of autoclaves can be used in a variety of industries including medical clinics, bioscience research, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. Whether you are a hospital, laboratory or pharmaceutical company, these sterilizers are the ideal choice.

SUNWAY Scientific Corporation

Founded in 1985, Sunway Scientific Corporation has introduced various instruments and equipment from U.S.A., Japan and advanced European countries. The fields we serve cover laboratory, chemical analysis, environmental protection, clinical examination, biotechnology and semiconductors. Our customers include public and private colleges, universities, research institutes, hospitals and many hi-tech industries as well. We are looking for more partners to cooperate and develope Taiwan market.

TA-MOU Precision IND. CO., LTD

Precision components for robotic surgery systems,
high-definition endoscopes for medical procedures,
precision-engineered parts for mechanical ventilators
Medical molds
surgical instrument parts